UPDATED: April 5, 2013, at 8:35 p.m.

So this one time Harvard FML and I Saw You Harvard got jiggy, and now it's time to meet their mewling, puking offspring: the anonymous Facebook pages Harvard Crushes, Harvard Confessions, and, of course, Crimson Compliments.

Harvard Crushes

About: Communicating via secret texts and Facebook messages alone, a mysterious coed gang of at least one Harvard and one Northeastern student created a Facebook page that describes itself as: "#E!&MissedconnectionsOnSteroidalDearDiary." This is Harvard Crushes.

Age: infancy (one week)

Popularity: > 650 Facebook likes

Siblings: Northeastern, Stanford, University of Virginia


To a student: "You have the eyes of an angel and the kneecaps of a goddess."

The Verdict: Is it objectification, borderline stalking, friendly shout-outs, or the Harvard dating scene? You decide.

Harvard Confessions