Fitting the entirety of your material possessions into a bunch of boxes and suitcases is no easy task. So when it comes time to do away with that saggy futon that didn't sell at your senior sale or that Ethical Reasoning coursepack you've fully accepted that you will never crack open again, the trash or recycling bin may seem like the only viable home for these items.

But finding a greener solution for discarding your unwanted things might not be as tough as you think.

The Office of Sustainability has put together a comprehensive list and accompanying map of locations around campus where students can donate unwanted furniture, clothing, textbooks, and other items. Different stations accept different types of donations, so be sure to check the listings before donating your things.

Chances are one of the stations is conveniently located near your dorm. So think twice before hitting up the dumpster. One man's zebra print rug is another man's treasure!