As we find ourselves in the midst of voting for Undergraduate Council representatives, hopeful and naïve freshmen are spreading their campaign spirit around the Yard. They make the age-old promises of longer Annenberg hours, free printing, and more vending machines. While the platforms remain the same, this year marks the first time that many of the candidates are reaching for video cameras—albeit poor quality ones—to campaign. Given the overwhelming number of unfamiliar faces and overly perky door-to-door campaigners, we at Flyby are going out of our way to help you with the incredibly important task of choosing the perfect representative. You're welcome.

If you want more naked men in your yard, vote Akshar Bonu for Ivy Yard:

Akshar Bonu '17 makes heavy use of eye candy throughout his video, featuring shirtless guys provocatively posing around various spots in Harvard Yard, because "studies have shown that you'd rather listen to a hot guy than listen to me." Bonu decided to make the video, he said, because he hoped it would “help [him] stand out in the race,” and that it did. In college, anything that leads to less clothing is always the best way to go... right?

…but if you want class and bowties, Ivy Yard, Stephen Turban is the man for you:

Stephen A. Turban '17 calls his video his “love child,” though unfortunately it is accessible only to members of the Harvard 2017 Facebook group. But fear not; we will try our best to make it come alive for you.  A memorable moment in the video comes as Turban lifts his leg up on top of a printer, citing his “large” endowments. After a brief moment of some confusion, we are distracted by the fact that this kid is wearing a bowtie. He could probably murder a puppy and we couldn’t help but forgive him. It’s all in the bowtie, folks.

For a no-holds-barred candidate, vote Danny Banks, Elm Yard:

Opening his video with a Old Spice parody—because that’s never been done before!—Danny V. Banks '17 reminds us that he is “just a compassionate, friendly guy” as half his face gets cut off by the camera. Of the video, Banks said that it was all very spontaneous. “We just went into Cambridge with an iPhone and did whatever,” he told The Crimson. At first, viewers might feel pity for the freshman, but then appreciate him for his bravery. He is, after all, just putting himself out there.

Citizens of Oak Yard, his name is William Greenlaw:

William A. Greenlaw '17 stands out with the only serious video in the race, though its seriousness may prove amusing in itself. “The video was actually a class project from last year that happened to work well for this campaign,” Greenlaw said. Viewers get a slideshow of various pictures of him captioned with presidential adjectives like “Diplomatic” and “Charismatic.” As you watch this video, you’ll probably ponder your life, wonder where you’re headed, and you might even cry. There’s no doubt that Greenlaw has a much better camera than anybody else on this list. That in itself may be the reason to vote for him. But “those aren’t real kids I’m reading to, they were kids from my class," Greenlaw said to The Crimson."One of them has sideburns.” The man’s a true politician.

And finally, someone who is likely to actually make a difference:
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