Long Lines Leaving Lamont

Don't make this difficult.
Don't make this difficult.

With the rising—and often wildly over-priced—street values of textbooks, it is wise for Lamont Library staff to check the bags of all who wish to leave the sacred 24-hour institute of knowledge (and caffeinated beverages). But when leaving Lamont in the wee hours of the morning, there is nothing worse then finding yourself caught in a long line through security on the way out. With this in mind, here are a few DOs and DON'Ts for making the most of having your belongings searched:

Do: Obtain a Utility Bag

Think single zipper purse, tote, drawstring sports bag, or satchel. If you really have your act together, or are terrific at balancing books and writing utensils, you can opt to go bag-less.

Don’t: Bring the Super Backpack

Avoid using the 7-zippered, multi-compartmented, high-powered, obnoxiously large backpack that you take to class (hopefully only out of necessity). Seriously people, you’re going to a library, not on a week-long camping excursion.

Do: Be Courteous to Others In Line

Prepare your bag as you wait in line. Unzip, open, and arrange your books as necessary so that the security guard can check everything quickly and efficiently.

Don’t: Be the Guy Who Waits Until He Gets to the Counter to Take His Books Out of His Bag.

We know who you are. We always get stuck behind you in line. We do not appreciate it.

Do: Untie Your Shoes Beforehand or Wear Shoes That You Can Slip In and Out of Easily

Oh wait, that’s Logan Airport. Never mind.

Do: Consider What You Have in Your Bag

Going to Lamont is the perfect occasion for cleaning out your backpack. Remove bulky items ahead of time that you will have to remove at the counter for the contents of your bag to be seen.

Don’t: Neglect to Consider What’s in Your Bag Ahead of Time

Lamont’s security staff does not need to smell your sweaty gym clothes or be attacked by the feral cat that has taken up residence in your backpack, and neither do we.

If everybody does their part, the line out of Lamont will become tolerable for all of those who seek a quiet place to read, study, and do p-sets on late Harvard nights.

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