Petition Urges Harvard to Rescind Ted Cruz's Law Degree

After Ted Cruz, the Republican Senator from Texas, completed his more than 21-hour speech slamming the Obama administration's healthcare policies, an online petition was started urging Harvard to rescind the Senator's degree. Cruz, who graduated from Harvard Law School in 1995, recently made headlines when news broke that he preferred to study only with graduates from Harvard, Princeton and Yale while he worked towards his J.D.

Yet according to the petition, Cruz's speech "has proven that he is not Harvard material." The petition, which is addressed to University President Drew G. Faust, accuses Cruz of embarrassing Harvard, leaving the school no choice but to rescind his diploma and "make a statement that his Harvard education had no effect on him."

For all those Cruz-haters out there, however, do not get your hopes up. The petition has not yet garnered its stated goal of 100 signatures (in fact the number of signatures appears to be decreasing), and we suspect that many of the collected names are fake.

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