This is Part I of Flyby's two-part Sober in the Square mini-series. Look out for Part II tomorrow!

If red Solo cups and sweaty grinding isn’t your scene, then try hitting up these non-alcoholic venues this weekend (or pre-game them, it’s your call).

Whether you find yourself with nothing to do on a Friday night, or you need to entertain relatives visiting for the weekend, these venues will keep you excited and entertained, sans alcohol.

1. Brattle Theatre

40 Brattle St., Harvard Square

If the recommendations on your Netflix account include the categories “black-and-white foreign films featuring characters who smoke cigars and make ironic statements about the bitterness of life” or “critically-acclaimed documentaries that you can bring up to sound more cultured than your friends and colleagues,” this Brattle Street hipster haven might be for you. Currently screening its film series “The Best of Bogart,” this cozy theater serves delicious soda and looks oddly like your middle school auditorium.

2. The Taza Chocolate Factory

561 Windsor St., Somerville

This is a tour of a chocolate factory—need we say more? Check out Taza’s vintage chocolate making machines, and sample massive amounts of its organic dark chocolate. Afterwards, become depressed about gaining the freshman fifteen, and drown your sorrows by eating more chocolate from its gift shop. Unfortunately, contrary to popular portrayal in the media, most tours do not end with the eccentric factory owner naming you as his successor.

3. Charles River Canoe and Kayak

500 Broad Canal Way, Cambridge

Glide across the serene Charles on a beautiful autumn day, and you just might be featured in a postcard of the campus or a Harvard admissions video. If you’re up for a challenge, the service also offers rentals of stand-up paddleboards and faster sea kayaks.

4. Mt. Auburn Cemetery

580 Mt. Auburn St., Cambridge

During the day, take a beautifully scenic and historic walk through America’s oldest garden cemetery. At night, take a spooky tour of the graves, and entertain yourself by jumping up behind your easily-startled friends. Open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.