Shots Fired: Lowell Releases Housing Day Trailer

House masters Diana L. Eck and Dorothy A. Austin.
House masters Diana L. Eck and Dorothy A. Austin.

The much anticipated housing day trailers have finally arrived, and Lowell has made yet another incredible statement: a parody of Yoncé’s “Drunk in Love” to seduce freshman to Lowell house.

On February 9 an email was sent out from with the subject "Hope you win the lottery!" Inside the message was an introduction to a preview of this year’s Lowell housing day video: "Drunk in Lowell."

The Lowell HoCo surely knows how to impress, introducing their ever-so sophisticated housemasters Diana L. Eck and Dorothy A. Austin drinking tea while listening to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s newest hit. These two housemasters aren’t new to the freshman housing videos: They were featured in last year’s hit "Get Lowell," when they accidentally dropped a teacup in the seemingly serene and mature Lowell House before dropping the beat for Lil Jon, the East Side Boyz, and the Ying Yang Twins to "Get Lowell."

As for the other houses, this Drunk in Lowell trailer seems like a tough one to beat. There’s no match for Queen B. But have no fear: if you are another house in search of a good Beyoncé song to use for your housing day video, we have come up with some of the Queen’s songs to place in your house.

Adams: "Adams on Top." Because who can resist Beyoncé’s "Love on Top"?

Mather: "Pretty Hurts."  If you can’t flaunt any good looks, you might as well try and say they hurt.

Quad houses: "All I Could Do Was Cry." Who wouldn’t.

So while the Lowell HoCo is getting drunk in Lowell, the other houses better step up their game before house masters D & D show them up again.

Good luck, and may the housing gods be ever in your favor.

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