Housing Day is nigh upon us. We bet that all you freshmen are thrilled that you, your blockmates, and your linkmates are going to find out where you’ll be spending the next three years. But not so fast, killer.

The next day or so promise to be fun and exciting, but they're also a dangerous time. You don’t want to sully your relationship with the people you'll be living with (or those you'll be living a close but comfortable ditance from) because of some stupid Housing Day Eve or Housing Day misstep. Here a few recommendations (some serious, some not so serious) to ensure your social standing makes it through tomorrow unscathed.

1. When you find which House you'll be calling home for the next three years, do NOT text your linkmates which House you'll be living in. Sure, a vague “we know what house we’re in. u?” is totally fine, but don’t ruin the surprise. If you tell them you got placed in Pfoho, they know they are in either Cabot or Currier. Do you really want to drop that shocker?

2. Once blockmates and linkmates (and anyone else you want to remain friends with, for that matter) finds out their living situation, don’t disparage their House. Don’t get us wrong, you should obstinately maintain that your house (that you have yet to have a meal in, live in, study in, or socialize in) is the best, but don’t try to make them feel like they got the short end of the housing stick (your enthusiasm should do that).

3. If you’re sacrificing someone to Poseidon (chief among the famed Housing Gods—trust me, I’ve taken half of Culture and Belief 35: Classical Mythology) to avoid getting Quadded, avoid offering up blockmates and linkmates. Also, try to complete all sacrifices during the witching hour; it’s more effective that way.

4. Don’t pressure your block/linkmates. However you want to spend Housing Day Eve and Housing Day is fine, but don’t demand that anyone partake in any sort of activity that they don’t want to. It doesn’t bode well for you being a good roommate in future years.

5. Obviously (and I cannot stress this enough: obbbbbbbbbviously) get a sleeveless shirt/bro tank for your House if at all possible. For everyone in your group. It’s science: sleeves are objectively less classy than a lack of sleeves.

That’s all. Have fun. Be safe. Hopefully Poseidon puts you in the House of your dreams.