Congratulations, 2017! You now know your home for the next three years, and have hopefully read up on everything you could wish to know about it! But it can be hard to remember all the things you have to boast about if your friends start hating on your House and you need to defend its superiority. We’ve come up with a concise cheat sheet so you’re prepared at any moment!

River East

Dunster - "We're the epitome of the "old Harvard" housing, minus the sucky walkthroughs!" (Once 2015 rolls around and you finally get to move in, that is).
Mather - "SINGLES. Look at all the singles. Just don’t look at the exterior."
Leverett - "Monkey Bread is delicious. Towers offer great views. I promise we have house spirit. Sometimes."


Adams - "01:38"
Lowell -  "We can “Get Lowell” and get “Drunk in Lowell”. We're redefining the Housing video game."
Quincy - "We're "the people's House". No, I don't know what that means either, but it sounds good!"

Cabot - "We share our name with a cheese brand."
Currier - "Scary trees."
Pforzheimer (sp?) - "Now I can misspell any word that begins with an ‘F’ and it will be pfunny every pfreaking time."

River West
Eliot - "You didn’t get into Eliot? Don’t talk to me."
Kirkland - "It’s a really tight-knit community. Like, really tight-knit."
Winthrop - "Kennedys on Kennedys."