Here you are, just a day before spring break with no plans. All of your blockmates are going to Florida, but you never bought your ticket because you have a fear of purchasing airline tickets (who knows if the site is going to crash???). You could stay on campus and finally catch up on all that reading you missed, but no. You can’t do that. So here are some cheap, last minute options for spring break!

Zip Car Road Trip
Think of all the places you can get in a one-hour radius of campus. You could drive an hour North, an hour West, or, if you are a big spender, two hours North!

Cambridge Galleria
Miss those days back in middle school when the only thing to do was to hang out in the mall and pretend like the guy with the gauges in Hot Topic didn’t intimidate you? No? Well why not go back to the mall anyways and get your iPhone fixed.

Nothing says Spring Break like hard drugs and plenty of liquids. So get your parents to schedule that non-emergency surgery that you have been putting off since freshman year. Hopefully your medical insurance covers morphine.

Akron, Ohio
Spring Break Ohio! Akron is the new up and coming spring break destination, or as Priceline likes to call it, “only 202 dollars if you book today.” Akron is great for spring break, there’s so much to do: they have a public library. You can finish your thesis!