Janelle Monáe is headlining this year’s Yardfest! Here’s why we should be excited about this R&B singer coming to campus:

1) Monáe is a true performer. I am convinced of this after seeing her at Coachella last year. From the costumes, to the choreography, to the stunning live singing voice; her whole show is impressive.

2) While we might not all be familiar with her solo work, it’s difficult to imagine that there’s a student out there who hasn’t heard the chart-topping, Grammy Award winning song of the year “We Are Young” by Fun., featuring Monáe. Maybe she’ll bring Fun. along with her?

3) Being a female superstar, Monáe provides a big contrast with Tyga last year, who was heavily criticized and protested by the student body for his violent and misogynistic lyrics. Here’s to activism making a change. Keep on making those change.org petitions!

4) Unlike so many of today’s pop stars who blend together, Monáe has a truly distinct personal style and aesthetic. She generally sports black and white, minimalist suits, and her classic pompadour style hair.

5) Check out her studio albums The ArchAndroid and The Electric Lady. If you listen to those vocals and still aren’t excited I don’t know what to say…

So, remain on the look out for date and ticket information! Yardfest has come a long way, from Third Eye Blind in 2007 to Kid Cudi in 2010 to Das Racist in 2012 to Monáe in 2014. This year, not only will the event promise a prime day-drinking opportunity and venue to groove nonchalantly to the beat with your classmates, we can expect a great musical performance by a talented musician. Let’s all welcome Monáe to Harvard by showing up to the event and let her know which after-party or Square restaurant to visit afterwards.

Bonus points if anyone is able to convince Monáe to hang around and come out with them after.