We have only one glorious week of vacation in the spring, but our friends (and frenemies) at Harvard are taking full advantage of this free time with a range of destinations and activities. Here are the ten types of Harvard spring breaks.

1. Sun

It is snowing in March—people have had enough. Many want to get away from the depressing dirt-gray snow and brown, muddy grass we all walk through in the Yard (read: seasonal affective disorder). You can find these hordes of students in Mexico, Florida, and the Bahamas.

2. Snow

Some crazies are willing to sacrifice more cold and snow for an adrenaline rush (read: us). They want an action-packed ski adventure and lots of hot chocolate. You can find these goggle-tanned skiers in Vermont, Colorado, and Canada.

3. Harvard-Sponsored Programs around the World

All of a sudden, your Facebook feed is flooded with pictures of classmates in South Korea, Madrid, and Hong Kong. How did they all get there, and why are they wearing suits? Harvard organizations like Harvard Model Congress and the Harvard College in Asia Program fund student spring break trips for those who are motivated enough to get their act together and apply in the fall.

4. Athletics

Though athletes do not get a spring break, per se, many Harvard varsity sports go on team training and bonding trips. As if these teammates didn’t spend enough time together during a regular week, they now don’t have to separate for a few hours of class. For some teams, this means a trip to Texas, for others, another trip across the river.