Happy Wednesday! As if you aren’t already bothered by the fact that it’s only Wednesday, here are some conversations you’ve probably had this week that have sufficiently annoyed you:

1) “Hey, what’s up? How was your spring break?”: You didn’t mind telling your best friends what you did over break, but when every single conversation you have with people in the d-hall or as you walk to class begins with this question, you’re probably wondering by now if it’s socially acceptable to just stare them down and not reply.

2) “Dad and I miss you already! We wish you were back again!”: You liked being home for approximately somewhere between 24 to 48 hours, and then you realized you miss not having someone reprimand you for staying in bed all weekend binge-watching your favorite TV series.

3) “Now let’s talk about that midterm/paper you have next week…”: It’s hard enough disciplining yourself to get up for class (or at least getting up to snooze your alarm), but you already have something big due in your class while your brain is too preoccupied wondering when you’ll stop being in Spring Break mode.

4) “Not to stress you out, but do you know what you’re doing this summer yet?”: Thanks for prefacing that question, but that doesn’t stop you from refreshing your email every 2 minutes for a reply from that internship you applied to many months ago. It also doesn’t stop you from considering burning your resume and cover letter and blowing off your summer somewhere sunny and tropical.

It may be nearly April, but apparently no one told the weather that because it’s going to snow today! With a high of 37 degrees, there’s an “East Coast blizzard alert”. Basically we should all cross our fingers for a snowday (and then be sorely disappointed).

Chicken Fingers
Lemon Basil Pasta with Garlic & Cannellini Beans
Margarita Pizza on Multigrain Crust

Salmon with Green Curry
Baked Ziti with Veg Crumbles
Brown Rice Pancakes

1) The Veritas Project: The Story Behind Dean Pfister’s Fungi- Who doesn’t want to read about Dean Pfister and his love of fungi?
2) Still Looking for an Internship?- For those of us going into a constant state of panic every time we refresh Facebook and see another status about someone we know doing something absolutely amazing this summer.
3) Films for April: Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy The Show- Plan an outing to Boston with your friends and go catch these movies!

4) UC Endorses Capping Section Sizes- “Undergraduate Council representatives, in collaboration with the Graduate Student Council, endorsed capping the size of “every graded section or lab group” at 12 students and helping to make the limit a College policy at the UC’s meeting Monday evening.”
5) Advising Programs Office to Create New Website- “In an effort to promote educational exploration and better organize online advising resources for students, the Advising Programs Office plans to replace its current website with a new, “twenty-first century” platform for the 2014-15 academic year.”
6) Harvard Square Businesses Devise Strategy To Appeal to Chinese Tourists- “Though Harvard Square is already a popular tourist attraction, local businesses are working to bring in even more visitors, particularly targeting Chinese travelers.”

The OCS is holding an event tomorrow called Maximizing Your Summer Internship from 5 to 6 p.m., where they’ll share tips about how to turn your internship into a full-time career. Register before you go at Crimson Careers.

Join Salon @ 29 G as they hold their conversation series happening every semester about arts in and around Harvard at 7 p.m. tonight at 29 Garden Street. Iranian artist Minoo Emani will be talking about arts and the war.

Cheer on Women’s Lacrosse as they go against BC tonight at 7 p.m. at Harvard Stadium!

UC President Gus Mayopoulos heads out from the UC's meeting Monday night in Sever Hall with UC Vice President Sietse Goffard (second from right) and Meghamsh Kanuparthy (left).