The Housing Portal has opened and closed for 2017’s freshman class, but the friendships (or awkward avoidances) and memories between blocking and linking groups have only just begun. While the portal was seemingly impossible to navigate at some points (s/o to all group leaders for getting it together!), there was one step that proved to be the gift that just kept giving. When trying to link up with another blocking group, freshmen were presented with a list of every, and I mean EVERY, other unlinked blocking group.

Intrigued, I took the prerogative to sort through all these groups and suggest who should link with whom based on name alone.

Sexiest Blocking Group I Know & Such Blocking. Very Group. Wow.
I feel like both of these groups had the same idea, but only one was able to actually articulate their feelings. The other group must have an affinity for periods.

Fun&Flirty4 & Freshman Hottest 16-24
(Full disclosure: the latter is my blocking group. Yes, the grammatical and mathematical errors were unintentional; you can’t win ‘em all)

Dear Fun&Flirty4,
Wanna hang out?
Freshman Hottest 16-24

Charlie & DaBabies
Imagine Charlie’s Angels, but instead of angels, there are just three screaming, crying babies that he has to watch over.

Wigg E & Co. & Grays Middle*
These people are practical. They go out twice a week--never more--and always eat breakfast. You can find them judging you on a Sunday afternoon when you sleep until 3pm.

Boardblock Empire & HIMYM50
For those of you under a rock: HIMYM is an acronym for How I Met Your Mother, a very popular TV comedy. I know it’s a bold move pairing this heavy HBO drama series with a comedy about finding love, but life is a balancing act! The Boardblockers will need laughs from time to time and HIMYMers will definitely need a reality check after too much Barney Stinson.

Rock Out With Your Block Out & Block You Like A Hurricane
I don’t know if I necessarily want to hang out with these crews but they will get along with each other just swimmingly! I imagine lots of aggressive fist bumping and week-long beer pong tournaments.

This crew will sit around their common room table for hours and discuss the theories that explain life on this planet, black holes, supernovas...the list continues. After a quick google search (Read: I didn’t know any of this and I don’t want to pretend I did), I learned that Sbornik is a Russian mathematical journal that has been published since 1866. Alkali Metals are a group in the periodic table of elements. Clearly, these people were meant to find each other.

Honorable Mentions:
Block Party & Block of Ages
Baby Got Block & I Believe I Can Swai