As you’re probably aware, Harvard students have recently rallied for Miley Cyrus to come to campus. And for good reason! I mean, who wouldn’t want Miley and her bear-suit wearing posse in Cambridge? And why stop at just Miley? Here’s a list of other extraordinarily talented, beloved celebs we would love to see in the Yard.

Nicolas Cage

Nick Cage would be the ideal Harvard guest. After the success of movies like "Deadfall" and "Season of the Witch", it’s pretty obvious why he has such a large following. He might even let us know what his next blockbuster is going to be. "Ghost Rider 3", anyone?


We’re all really excited to see Janelle Monáe perform at Yardfest, but can you imagine how incredible a concert from everyone’s favorite Canadian “rock” band would be? Their songs are filled with poignant lyrics such as “I want a brand new house/On an episode of Cribs/And a bathroom I can play baseball in.” A performance from these guys would be an unforgettable experience.

Mike “The Situation”

The Situation has moved on to bigger and better things since "Jersey Shore", including starring in an upcoming reality show about his life at home with his mom and siblings. He’s a family man! Let’s invite him to campus and learn how he turned his life around.

Taylor Swift

Taylor is truly an inspiration to us all. She never let a live broadcast confrontation get her down, and she’s shown us a new approach to dealing with exes: if you can’t ignore them, write a song about them!

Sure we get tons of foreign diplomats and company CEOs on campus, but can we really learn anything from them? These celebrities are real inspirations, and we would gain a lot by hosting them here at Harvard.

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