Spring might finally be coming to Harvard Yard, but so is winter. Everyone could use a little support to get through the scandals, shocks, and deaths in Game of Thrones, so we’ve made a handy Drinking Game of Thrones to assist you in your inevitable tachycardia when you tune in tonight!

Take a sip whenever…
- There’s a naked woman.
- An extra meets a gruesome death.
- Someone says: “Winter is coming,” or “A Lannister always pays his debts.”
Joffrey acts like a little shit.
- Swords are drawn.
- A White Walker shows up.
- Jon Snow looks confused (but still beautiful).

Take a shot if…
There’s a naked man.
- Someone makes fun of Tyrion’s height.
- Hodor says, “Hodor.”
- Margaery wears a backless dress.
- The dragons set anyone on fire.
- Sansa is traumatized by Joffrey’s Kingsguard.

Finish your drink if…
Incest occurs.
- Tywin smiles at Tyrion.
- A named character dies.
- Ygritte gets sweet, sweet revenge on Jon Snow.
- Joffrey dies—unlikely, but we all need something to hope for.
- Arya and The Hound start a buddy comedy and go around Westeros killing people together.
- Daenerys finally gets to Westeros.