It’s Thursday! We all know that means one day closer to Friday, which means two days closer to the weekend! As shopping week slowly comes to an end, see how many times you’ve done the things below:

a) Asked yourself when your brain is going to get out of summer mode and understand what the concept of doing homework is.

b) Thought more about why you have homework during shopping week than thinking about how to finish said homework.

c) Gone to brain break even though you weren’t doing anything mentally stimulating.

d) Walked into lecture saying you were going to pay attention to the professor but then got distracted by iMessages (iMessages on the computer is literally a game-changer).


Tomorrow’s going to be a really nice day again! It’s sunny all day with a high of 87 degrees and a zero percent chance of rain! 


Chicken Parmesan Sub
Cheese and Mushroom Quiche
Tofu Parmesan Sub 

Korean Pork Stir Fry
Moroccan Roasted Chicken
Cajun Black Bean Cakes with Corn Salsa


1) Illegal Pets: Read Part 1 of the mini-series on students who keep pets in their dorms! This installment features a mouse caught on the street named Dillan!

2) HUDS is Currently Killing it: Rubly Beet and Kale Vegan Burger? Vermont Cheddar Cheese Sandwich? Are we at a hipster cafe or the d-hall?

3) Dean Khurana’s Instagramazing Challenge: You know you want to follow him @deankhurana.


1) Lowell Tutor Becomes Acting Kirkland House Dean: “Ari R. Hoffman ’10, a resident tutor in Lowell House, will serve as the acting Kirkland House dean this semester, while Cory T. Way, a sociology lecturer who usually holds the dean position, is on sabbatical.”

2) University Restructures Health Plans in Cost Control Measure: “Acknowledging the burden of rising healthcare costs, the University announced Wednesday afternoon that it will significantly restructure the benefit plans it offers to non-union employees, cutting premiums but introducing, for the first time, a deductible at the point of care.”

3) Compost Program Rolls Out for Freshman Dorms: “Following a successful student-run pilot program last spring, several offices across the College have collaborated to roll out a comprehensive residential composting program in all 17 freshman dormitories.”

4) Harvard Club of Boston Sells Annex for $8.8 Million: “The Harvard Club of Boston in Back Bay closed an $8.8 million deal with SeaDar Real Estate and CW Partners late last month to turn over most of its adjacent annex building, which will be converted into five luxury condominiums.”


The Center for Middle Eastern Studies is presenting a free seminar today called Iran: Where Do We Go From Here? from 4 to 6 p.m. at CGIS Knafel 262. Professor Gary Sick from Columbia University will be speaking.

There's also a free talk called The Macroeconomics of the Arab States of the Gulf going on this afternoon from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Raphael Espinoza, the Economist in the Research Department from the IMF, is discussing his new book at at Weil Town Hall in Belfer Building at the Kennedy School.


As Dunster undergoes a full house renovation, its swing housing is spread out amongst Fairfax, Ridgley, Hampden, Prescott, and the Inn. Featured above is the new dining hall at the Inn.