Rachel Lloyd Speaks on Safe Harbor Laws
Rachel Lloyd, founder of Girls Educational and Mentoring Services, explains the specifics of “safe harbor” laws and their importance for anti sex-trafficking work to moderator Richard Quest at the broadcast taping of “Fight for Freedom: Confronting Modern Day Slavery” Wednesday night. Lloyd was one of five human trafficking experts on a panel organized by the CNN Freedom Project, which produces news stories about modern day slavery.
Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a wonderful Thursday. If the fog and clouds have you feeling down, remember to celebrate the fact that today is Wombat Day.

Teriyaki Chicken Pizza
Korean Style Tofu with Sesame Glaze
Egg Fried Rice

Carved Whole Chickens
Mussels in White Wine and Local Tomato Sauce
Gnocchi with Butternut and Sage
Buttered Parslied Maine Potatoes

The weather is a bit warmer today– foggy and cloudy with a high of 73 and a low of 43 degrees.

Faculty Dinner Talking Points
So how does one navigate a conversation about that statistics class for which you’ve never attended lecture?

Out to Lunch with Aaron Slipper
A sophomore enrolled in all graduate level mathematics courses, Slipper looks the part, with an aesthetic somewhere between Donald Trump rolling out of bed and Christopher Hitchens after a night of heavy drinking.

15 Minutes with Michael Pollan
Michael Pollan, the acclaimed food journalist, is a fellow at the Radcliffe Institute exploring psychedelic drug therapy. Pollan talked with FM about healthy eating hacks in college and his self-proclaimed “spiritual retardation.”

Starting Sunday, Currier Dining Hall Will Extend Dinner Hours
After residents complained that it is difficult to return to the Quad for dinner, Currier dining hall will extend its hours, staying open until 8 p.m. Sunday through Thursday nights, 30 minutes later than it previously closed its servery.

At Honor Code Panel, Students and Faculty Talk Communication
In a conversation hosted by the College’s newly formed Honor Council on Wednesday, panelists and audience members swapped suggestions on how best to build a culture of transparent communication between professors and students.

Students Gather To Commemorate Victims of Violence in Israel
In response to recent violence in Israel, a group of about 50 students and campus leaders assembled, arguing that there is “No Excuse for Terror,” in the Science Center Plaza on Wednesday afternoon.

As Flu Season Begins, Health Services Administers Vaccinations
As flu season begins, Harvard University Health Services plans to administer roughly 15,000 flu vaccinations at general campus flu clinics, according to spokesperson Lindsey Baker.

College Ups House Funding Through Pilot Program
The College is expanding funding for its upperclassman Houses as part of a pilot program, another sign that administrators are trying to revitalize House life and make it more central for students.


Former House of Representatives member Barney Frank will be giving a talk titled The Importance of Being Dispensable: Downsizing our Global Ambition at 6 p.m. at the JFK Jr. Forum.

Oxford professor Julian Savulescu will present his lecture titled Disability and Mere Difference at 5 p.m. in Emerson 210.

Authors Doug Bradley and Craig Werner will present their exposé titled Myth, Memory, and the Music of the Vietnam War at 4 p.m. in Fong Auditorium, Boylston Hall.

Kicking off its inaugural Race in American Politics Seminar Series, the Ash Center from Democratic Governance and Innovation will be hosting a seminar titled Give us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America at 4:10 p.m. at the Ash Center foyer.