Rainy Day
Pedestrians enjoy Tercentary Theatre on a rainy day.
It may only be the 29th, but it’s never to early to start celebrating Halloweekend. If you can’t think of a creative costume before tonight’s festivities, you can always stick with the classics — cat, mouse, bunny, or any other animal ears look.



Tuna Melt

Spicy Tofu with Green Beans


Community Night — Ground Turkey

Home Made Fish Cakes

Vegan Casserole with Cashew Cream Sauce


It’s going to be rainy and windy today with thunderstorms in the morning. Gross, but at least the temperature is going to be above 70º?


What To Do on Campus This Halloween
problem sets due in the next two days or are still reeling from your 10% score on the Ec1010 midterm, Halloween is coming up to help you blow off some steam.


Allston Residents Talk Flexible Funds and Task Force
Members of the Flexible Fund Executive Committee laid the groundwork on Wednesday for how the organization would distribute a total of $5.35 million toward North Allston public realm improvements, as part of Harvard’s $43 million community benefits package.

College Will Form Student Advisory Board to Education Office
Looking to solicit student input in administrative decisions, College officials are in the process of forming a student advisory board to the Office of Undergraduate Education.

BGLTQ Activist Tiq Milan Discusses Transgender Experience
BGLTQ activist and human rights advocate Tiq Milan urged an audience to challenge the notion of masculinity and called for a greater focus on sexual identity in education at Harvard on Wednesday.

Campaign Asks Students To Rethink Halloween Costumes
On Facebook and through posters around campus, a group of students and proctors are pushing their peers to rethink Halloween costumes this year through a campaign dubbed “A Happier Halloween.”


Carpenter Center — Lorraine O’Grady and Shahryar Nashat’s exhibits open today at the Carpenter Center.

Objects that are not Objects — Come to Emerson 305 at 4pm to hear Graham Priest speak at the philosophy colloquium.

Race and the Future of Asian American Politics — Janelle Wong will be speaking in Fong Auditorium at 4pm.

Your Brain on Language — Come meet Idan Blank and discuss language and the brain. 6pm in Sever 206. *There will be pizza*

MFA College Night — If you’re willing to make the trek out of the Harvard Bubble, the MFA is hosting College Night from 6:30 to 9:30. (free admission with HUID!)