Flyby instagram
We love to Instagram a lot.
Now that Thanksgiving break is finally here and we'll be separated from all our school friends for a brief period of time, it's time to make sure they are all aware of how you're spending every minute of your break via social media. Why not share these pictures with Flyby and potentially be featured on our *esteemed* blog?

When you post your perfect photos on Instagram, include the hashtag #flybythanksgiving so we can show off your aesthetically pleasing break to the rest of Harvard when we all return.

Take photos of your feast (and feel guilty about eating turkey because you'll think about our favorite bird who loves prowling the Square), take photos of your view, take photos of your family and friends, and since it's the season to do so, take photos of what you’re thankful for (ex. stretchy pants).

Share and be shared amongst the Harvard community. Flyby wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!