quad shuttle overheard
Mode of transportation Quadlings know very well.
The semester is almost over— but alas, it has not ended yet. Figuring that the Quadlings won’t be headed home from Widener and Lamont until past midnight given reading period and the impending doom that is finals, Flyby rode the late-night shuttle to and from the Quad for the latest edition of Overheard:

I get on the shuttle a little after midnight, and it’s pretty quiet. Most people seem silently absent-minded. There are maybe 10 people on board, and almost all of them are on their phones, on Facebook or texting— perfect cover for me, tapping away as I take note of who’s saying what. One girl seems to have reserved the seat next to her for her Frappucino as she scrolls through her newsfeed.

So far, not many people are talking at all. The only animated conversation is between two guys speaking a foreign language. There is scratchy chatter coming in over the driver’s radio.

Copy that.

Ooh, like an action movie, maybe. I didn’t know that shuttle drivers received orders.

That Steph Curry guy. What is up with him?

This seems like it might be a promising topic of discussion, but turns out just to be a sports radio show coming over the PA system.

I’m so tired. I kind of have a migraine and I don’t feel well.

Finally, a real conversation. This is a girl talking over the phone, though, so I’m only getting half of it. Get well soon— finals are coming.

It’s gonna be like a 15-minute walk. It’s not close, but it’s probably not worth driving.

The girl on her phone again. Is she talking about the distance to the Quad? I didn’t think anyone had the option of driving there.

At this point, we have arrived in the Quad. Most people get off, but two of my shuttle-mates are sticking with me for the ride back. Where could they be going? Are they riding the shuttle from Widener to Lamont? Can you get sexiled onto the Quad shuttle? I can’t decide.

The Ravens pick up the ball and run the other way for a touchdown.

I’m not a sports person, but this radio broadcast is about as live as the shuttle seems like it’s going to get.

Although Flyby didn’t overhear any major gossip, perhaps we’ll have better luck next time on our Overheard. Stay tuned.