Introducing...the Flyby Matchmaker!

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*Some say old-fashioned dating is out among college students. Some say the key to love is 36 questions. We say you just need a little help from Flyby. Introducing the Flyby Matchmaker. Here’s how it works.

You fill out this fast and fun questionnaire. The Flyby Matchmaker will review your answers and if there’s a magical match out there for you, we’ll arrange a meeting time and place for a brilliant blind date. In return, you’ll dish to us here at Flyby about how your date went. We’ll share your experience and wisdom with our readers.

Our goal is to match people more successfully than the FDO matches freshmen roommates. Think we can do it? Think we can’t? Fill out the form and find out!

Meet your soul mate or a new distant acquaintance. Who cares?! What’s wrong with meeting someone new on campus? What’s wrong with bringing old-fashioned dates (and sexy) back? We can’t think of an answer and neither can you, so get writing!

The Flyby Matchmaker

*You must be an undergraduate student at Harvard College and 18 years old or older to participate.  You must follow all Harvard College standards of conduct and other laws and regulations, and you are responsible for any costs associated with your date. 

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