We've Figured #HarvardOasis Out (Sort Of)!

It is? Yay!
It is? Yay!

It is? Yay!
It is? Yay! By Photo from Facebook

If you’ve received the invite to the mysterious Facebook event, #HarvardOasis, asking if you “Remember warm?” then your reaction was probably the same as ours. *No*. No, we don’t remember warm, because New England has very literally frozen our hearts and souls. But we’d like to, and the event promises that summer is coming...at least from 3-6 p.m. this Sunday in the Science Center.

Danny V. Banks ‘17, Student Initiatives Chair on the Undergraduate Council, Holly Breuer ‘18 and Dakota Santana-Grace '16 both from the College Events Board helped plan and organize the event with the UC, CEB, the Office Dean of Student Life, the Dean of the College, and SMHL. The aim of the event, aided by a large anonymous donation, is to increase student happiness on campus (and Flyby, for one, is ecstatic that Harvard cares about our happiness to give us something other than reading and psets to do on Sundays).

As far as what to expect on Sunday, the planners are keeping the details of the event relatively quiet, but Banks did reveal that, “the Science Center will be unrecognizable. An outside group is doing the decorations. It’s going to be really decorated.” Those decorations will extend into the lecture halls, one of which “will have a formative movie from our childhood that has to do with the beach and the ocean.” (Hm...anyone have any guesses???).

Flyby has also confirmed that there will be tiki bars (yes, plural), a game room with shuffleboard, ping pong, and cornhole, and a surprise entertainment center in the basement of the Science Center. Flyby has our collective fingers crossed for a moon bounce, but that might not be feasible indoors but we can still dream so whatever.

So take advantage of all 42 degrees that Sunday has to offer and leave your dorm without looking like a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and take a stroll to the Science Center where you can pretend that it’s 82 degrees. After all, spring break is fast approaching and this pset probably isn’t going to help your grade all that much, so prep for vacation with #HarvardOasis.

Check out @harvardoasis on Instagram for pictures, hints, and updates leading up the event!

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