PSA: Advising Fortnight

Advising Fortnight 2015
Advising Fortnight 2015

Attention, freshmen: Advising Fortnight has officially begun. You may be confused as to what the event actually is, besides the subject of countless emails you have deleted without reading. Luckily, Flyby has done the research for you -- so here is everything you need to know about Advising Fortnight:

1. What is it?

According to the program’s website, the Advising Fortnight is your “Gateway to the 48” concentrations that Harvard offers undergraduates. Not only is it a way for you to get more information about concentrations you are considering, but also a chance to meet faculty and upperclassmen associated with the different concentrations.

Advising Fortnight 2015
Advising Fortnight 2015 By Eva S. Monroe

2. What are “Advising Conversations”?

“Advising conversations” is an umbrella term for any meeting or event you go to for a potential concentration. This includes office hours, as well as any of the ice cream socials, lunches, and get-togethers hosted by concentrations.

3. I’m really busy. What happens if I don’t go?

According to the Advising Fortnight website, you are required to participate in one “advising conversation” and record it in the Advising Network Portal. (All you have to do is check a box saying what you attended, and include a few short notes about who you spoke to and what you learned from the conversation.) The website does not say what happens if you do not submit at least one conversation to the ANP, but freshmen should keep in mind that thinking about potential concentrations is an important thing as the school year comes to a close, and the entire process of having and recording a conversation doesn’t need to take more than 20 minutes (or heck, even 5 minutes) out of your day.


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