Studying Atop Widener Steps
Taiga Abe '17 and Marlon Seijo '18, both neurobiology concentrators, study outside on top of Widener Library's steps, overlooking the yard. Though still shopping week, Seijo was already hard at work on Chemistry 17: “Principles of Organic Chemistry.”

UPDATED: September 10, 2015, at 12:15 p.m.

Happy Thursday, Harvard! Is it still shopping week? Are study cards due? When do sections start? Do we finally need to do our readings? The questions never end, but study cards are due today before midnight, so get those advising holds lifted and enroll in your classes! And if you’ve been using shopping week as an excuse for not having done your work, be glad you’re not in a language class that already has quizzes on top of homework. Whether your classes are getting serious already or not, we wish you the best in taking on the end of this (almost) full week.


Grilled Cheddar Sandwich with Tomato and Red Onion
Sweet & Sour Vegetable with Seitan

Fried Pork
Spanish-Style Roasted Chicken
Succotash with Edamame


It’s finally cooling off! Temperatures will be in the high 70s with scattered storms throughout the day.


Lessig Kicks Off Presidential Campaign in New Hampshire: Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Lessig officially announced his presidential bid here Wednesday in the sweltering heat to a few dozen of his supporters, reiterating his commitment to campaign finance reform and equalizing voting rights.

Law School Rolls Out New Student Title IX Process: In addition to predictable changes that come with every new school year—new classes, perhaps a new place to live—Harvard Law School students are also adjusting to a major policy change that rolled out over the summer: the new process their school is using to investigate and hear sexual harassment cases.

Dining Service Rolls Out Menu Changes for New School Year: Saturday brunch is officially off the menu, but Harvard University Dining Services is rolled out a rotating sandwich bar and a more cohesive daily menu to campus dining halls in an effort to diversify its meal offerings.

Posters About Sexual Assault Crop Up in Sever: Emblazoned with the matching tagline “#justharvardthings,” one poster depicts a smiling woman with the words “when you smile shyly in the dhall at the man who sexually assaulted you” in the caption.

Students Rent Original Art Prints for Their Dorm Rooms: Over the course of two days in early September, the Harvard Art Museums rented out 167 of 275 original prints they offered to students through its student print rental program, reestablished after a seven-year hiatus during the museums’ renovation and expansion.