There Is (Well, Was) An Imposter HUDS Twitter

By Courtesy of Twitter

A few weeks ago, my fellow writer Nacho wrote a post lamenting the decline in the quality of HUDS meals compared to 1909, when they had broiled halibut and lamb chops for breakfast. To our surprise, what we thought was the official HUDS twitter retorted back at us with a lot of sass:

We at Flyby were pretty upset for a bit, that is until the actual HUDS twitter account (@HUDSinfo) informed us that they were the real deal, and @HarvardDining was in fact fake. What? There was someone out there pretending to be HUDS on Twitter? Why?

Unfortunately, perhaps as a result of our attempts to pull back the curtain and expose the mysteries of this HUDS parody, the account was recently suspended from Twitter. It left this cruel world too soon. It will be missed.

@HarvardDining was actually pretty funny. They started tweeting in March 2014 and at their demise had 37 followers, one of which was the actual HUDS twitter—keep a close eye on your enemies, maybe?

Sometimes, @HarvardDining liked to mix politics and Sunday Sundaes:

Other times, they liked to be very protective over their food:

They even started #twitterbeef with Pfoho:

But at the end of the day, we just want to know, @HarvardDining, who were you? And where did you go?

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