Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal seem to be getting their own second chance—at love, and at working together on something that might not be the worst (or should we say best?) movie ever. The co-stars of Love Story are reuniting as the leads in a play called Love Letters whose Boston stop starts tonight.

Love means never having to say you’re sorry, although someone should probably be apologizing for the existence of that movie. Hopefully Love Letters will give Ali and Ryan a chance to show us that they can act convincingly as a couple in love. According to the Boston Theatre summary of the production, Love Letters is another story about star-crossed lovers who must struggle against some sort of something that keeps them from being together. The play chronicles their 50 years of friendship and thwarted love.

MacGraw and O’Neal even stopped by campus on Monday to promote the Boston stop of this production, presumably because Harvard students are known for being such enthusiastic and noncritical fans of Love Story, and were waiting with baited breath for another chance to see this dynamic duo in action. We can only assume that the Crimson Key Society greeted them by shouting about “phallic symbols,” calling MacGraw ugly, and dancing around in flashy seventies-era garb.

Love Letters is showing every night this week, with matinee shows on Saturday and Sunday. We suggest seeing it as a reminder that even if you’re going to be alone on Valentine’s Day this year, at least you won’t be this couple.