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The GroupMe app has grown in popularity as one of the primary ways for people connect when they don’t have/don’t want each other’s numbers. Most of us are a part of at least one GroupMe thread, either for a social organization, a collection of p-set buddies, or maybe just their group of friends. Flyby is here to provide you with a guide to be the best contributor to your GroupMe, effectively feeding your ego and providing you with a sense of validation.

Add Gifs
People love gifs. If you provide them with gifs, people will love you. That’s the end goal here. There are plenty of apps around where you can find the perfect gif for any situation or response. You might have to spend a long time pouring over all the different gifs in order to find the right one, but if you’re really dedicated, you should have plenty of time set aside for these tasks. What’s several hours a day in the grand scheme of things? Yes, maybe you could finish a pset in that time, but you could also dedicate it to making sure people think you’re funny.

Make Your Own Memes
GroupMe even has a built in feature for this. They want to you excel in the realm of popularity and validation. Any picture can be made into a meme, but especially good options include: embarrassing photographs of yourself, embarrassing photographs of other people in the group, creepy pictures you took of someone when they weren’t looking, or blurry, low quality pre-made memes from 2005 that you found on the internet.

Reply Often
Statistically speaking, the more you reply to the group chat, the higher your chances are of saying something funny. Although you might not be the wittiest of the bunch, at least people will know your name. Even if they only know you as the “wildly unfunny try-hard.” All press is good press.

There you have it, folks. Try out these fail-safe tips and you’ll soon be the star of any group chat you’re added to, be it for a club, a blocking group, or a pset group. Happy GroupMe-ing!