With Yardfest only a month away, the rumor mill has been churning out potential artists almost as fast as the mumps spread from the PSK to the rest of the campus. While it seems like we won’t be saying “hey what’s up hello” to Fetty Wap after all, there is one possible headliner who could be just as “damn fine, tho”.

A little bird (or maybe it was the Mather turkey) told us that Steve Aoki will be the latest artist to join the likes of Jessie J and Tyga as Yardfest headliner. Don’t know who that is? Still bitter that it won’t be Fetty? Well fear not, Flyby has compiled a list of pro tips on how to have a bangin’ time regardless if you’re a die hard Aoki fan or if you’re just as indifferent about him as you are about Yenching leaving the Square.

Who says tailgates are just for sports? Skip your boozy Sunday brunch plans and participate in the pre-Yardfest tradition of party hopping all down Mt. Auburn Street. Just make sure to remember your face mask before entering the PSK.

Don’t forget that half the fun of Yardfest is the buffet style barbeque feast. Bonus points if you can find the truck of ice cream sandwiches to satisfy your mid-day munchies.

See if you can get close enough to the stage to use a Snapchat face filter on Steve Aoki’s face. If not, Snap Story your heart away so you can relive all your regrets while recovering from your wild night in your Monday morning lecture, because yes, to all who weren’t aware, Yardfest is in fact on a Sunday this year.

People watch
Play “I Spy: 9am-er Edition”. Challenge your squad to see who can spot the most students awkwardly standing around looking confused (or envious) about everyone being so turnt.

Steal the show
Teach yourself how to DJ and then learn every single Steve Aoki track so you can jump on stage and perform with him. Or in the event that all the rumors are false, replace whoever the actual artist is with the Steve Aoki favorites that everyone now has their heart set on. HUPD will be too preoccupied checking IDs and attempting to keep out wandering tourists to notice. Trust us.

Still uncertain whether or not you’ll have a good time? Well, don’t forget that Steve Aoki is the dude that basically provided the soundtrack for Project X. If anyone can breath some life into our comatose social scene, it’s him. So, start blasting “Boneless” to annoy all your neighbors who think studying is more important than Yardfest and get pumped for April 24th a.k.a. Harvard’s’ attempt to trick pre-frosh into thinking we can actually have fun!