Flyby Celebrates the Last Four Weeks of School

Eva's one true love, Greenhouse Cafe pizza.
Eva's one true love, Greenhouse Cafe pizza.

18 days of classes. 31 days left to prep for finals. Less than 41 days before you’re out of here. And while summer is nearly here and you cannot wait to start summer school and internships, there are still a few things (good and bad) that need to be done before all the fun can begin.

First off, if you have not already, finish using all of your BoardPlus. Start buying a Naked juice when you pass by Greenhouse or blow off HUDS and get sushi for lunch more often. Buy your Starbucks drink at Greenhouse or Lamont Cafe instead of Starbucks in the square. Spread out your usage and enjoy it instead of buying 20 granola bars on the last day of the semester and binge-eating them on the plane ride home. You’re living life large, and it’s time to treat yourself.

By Eva S. Monroe

Secondly, start eating up all of the snacks in your desk drawer (the large tub of Nutella on my shelf gives me an irrational amount of anxiety). Mom’s care packages are not going into storage or back home with you, so now is a good time to start clearing house. Start bringing them to class or your next meeting. Or plan a night in with friends and swap snacks over a viewing of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Lastly, start catching up on the textbook readings that you put off over the course of the semester because you figured you would get to it eventually. Finals are going to catch you off-guard so it if you get this out of the way you can have a more chill reading period. We know, we know, this is probably not ever going to happen, but we figured we’d be a good parent to you and let you know that this last month also means that big exams are quickly approaching. Another pro-tip: start participating in section so that your TF remembers you as an active discussion contributor instead of the person who online shops for the whole class period.

Follow these few tips and the rest of the semester will go almost as smoothly as your summer job search. Oh wait...

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