Cambridge Goes Dark, But the Final Clubs Are Still Lit

Cambridge suddenly goes dark.
Cambridge suddenly goes dark. By Andrew M. Duehren

Imagine the very heart-wrenching sensation of having the show that you just sat down to binge watch fade very melodramatically from your TV set. You blink, hoping that it was just a flicker—and then, suddenly, you hear the screams across campus.

Great job, Harvard, the damn power is out.

Nearly all of Mt. Auburn street past the Lampoon is dark. The very bright streetlight recently installed in front of Adams House has been reduced to a dim flicker. Students are, remarkably, out in the streets instead of posted in front of their macroeconomics textbook, desperately p-setting away.

And yes, the final clubs are still thumping with their sub-par music. The Fly seems oblivious to the fact that Lowell towers have gone dark. Honestly, this is why you should get punched for a final club—not the networking, not the parties, but the fact that when most of Cambridge goes dark, you can trust the PSK, the Owl and the Fly to still be lit.

Part of us knew that the end of days was coming when we found out that Harvard had lost nearly $2 billion in investments this past fiscal year, but we didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

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