The Berg Got a Makeover

Mmm… "bone apple tea."
Mmm… "bone apple tea." By Stuti R. Telidevara

In case you missed it, everyone’s favorite freshman dining hall at Harvard got an upgrade over winter break. We came back to an Annenberg with red-painted walls (very crimson, nice) and tasteful framed pictures of… vegetables.

Mmm… "bone apple tea."
Mmm… "bone apple tea." By Stuti R. Telidevara

The plates are the same scratched ones we know and love, but the serving utensils and dishes are all shiny and new. We are seriously considering the idea that the Berg's food tastes better now that it comes in different containers. Here’s a definitive list of foods that have improved and foods that haven’t since the Berg got a new look:

Coffee and Hot Chocolate

In a groundbreaking move for every caffeine-addicted freshman, the coffee mugs are newer and bigger. That is, they’re not stained (yet) and they’re finally, almost the size of average coffee mugs. Say goodbye to getting five refills to sate your sleep-deprived body—now you’re only going to need two.

Sweet Potato Fries

We’re very vocal about our love for arguably the best item on the HUDS menu, and we doubt there’s any way to improve this d-hall classic. But we are deeply sorry to report that the tongs used to serve the fries, while new, are still kind of lame. You know that feeling when you’re trying to load up on sweet potato fries but the tongs are only picking up two fries at a time, and you’re holding up the line, and you’re breaking out in sweat and...well, be prepared. You’re going to get those feelings a lot.

Oatmeal Toppings

Fitness-conscious folks will be super pleased to see the cute little jars we have for oatmeal toppings. Now when you come back sweaty from your morning run you can feel even more smug about your hipster lifestyle and good choices!

What’s next, mason jars for drinks?
What’s next, mason jars for drinks? By Stuti R. Telidevara

Scrambled Eggs

The scrambled eggs now come in enormous steel bowls/basins. It may look better, but now our eggs are now even more clumpy than before—more like a solid egg mass than proper scrambled eggs. Unfortunately, it is even more difficult to scoop out a good portion for your post-lift protein needs. Well, at least eggs are eggs. They still taste good(ish).

We all have a love-hate relationship with the Berg, but we have to admit that we like the new look. The red accents are pretty damn snazzy. As for the food? The jury’s still out on that.

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