Mark your calendars, Friday the 13th is fast approaching! While most people will probably use this day to hit up their regular party spots and traverse to neighboring colleges for a good time (or mediocre at best), why not mix it up and do something special? Whether you’re aloof, spooky, or even freaky, here are a few activities to keep in mind for the 13th.

Scare your friends with pranks: If you’re feeling a bit naughty on the night, pull a few pranks on your friends. Steal all your rower roommate’s Chubbies so he’ll stop showing off his quads. Or, rave about the nonexistent caviar that Annenberg is serving for dinner, and watch familiar disappointment slide onto your peers’ faces once they realize there’s nothing but the regular schlop.

Watch a horror movie: Gather some friends, turn off the lights, and prepare for some Amazon Prime and spooky time! Stream some of horror classics, such as Insidious, The Shining, The Exorcist, and (of course) Friday the 13th. Or, if you’re into more recent stuff, binge the new season of American Horror Story, “Cult.” Call a friend with a projector or HDMI cord for the full effect.

City-wide manhunt: Maybe Friday the 13th gets you all jazzed up. Host a manhunt game in the Cambridge area, and spend the night chasing down your inebriated buddies while screaming at other pedestrians that you go to Harvard. Loser has to jump into the Charles River.

Study at Cabot: Are you the type of person who likes to get scared all on your own? If so, swing by Cabot library in the evening and gaze around the ghostly empty room, since you’re the one loser who decided to stay in on the night of Friday the 13th.

Get psychotic in the bathroom: If all else fails, try out some Bloody Mary chants, fully clothed showers in the dark, and “bloody” mirror writing if you’re hardcore. (Red)rum anyone? Get creative, and try to spook out your roommate or the next person to use the hall bathroom that night.

Happy hauntings, Harvard!