Campus Interview Program Fair
Sheraton Commander Hotel was filled with many students seeking jobs or internships at the campus interview program fair last Friday. The career fair, organized by the Office of Career Services, featured careers primarily related to finance, consulting, and tech.

Does anyone really even know what consulting is? No. But that doesn’t stop scores of snakes — er, students — from taking advantage of the many opportunities Harvard provides for them to sell their soul to the firm they’re best suited for. From networking to more networking, the events hosted by the Office of Career Services and by consulting firms are truly...fascinating affairs. Don’t believe us? Here are some of the things we’ve overheard at recent recruiting gigs:

“Didn't really know what I was gonna do and somehow I ended up in Consulting”

Said by every consultant ever to every other consultant ever.

“You know, Boston has the most consultants per capita in the world”

Mostly due to the wonderful employment opportunities offered by a degree in the Arts and Humanities at Harvard.

“Consulting is sooooooooo fun”


“I felt like I couldn't do anything the first two weeks. You really learn on the job.”

Proof that a Harvard education means as much to the outside world as being the principal of a home school.

“Every day I get to sit and think and present my thoughts.”

Kind of like a Kindergarten show-and-tell, really.

“The first week of my freshman year I was passed out in a ditch.”


“We have wine tours.”

But it's Massachusetts wine so you might as well use it as engine fluid.

“My job isn't at all quantitative.”

Sorry, Stat 104. Who needs math to predict market trends when you have Massachusetts wine?

“I took a bunch of straight men to a gay club with mechanical penises on the tables.”

Actually, what?