Fall has fallen right when you thought you were starting to enjoy summer. There’s no need to worry, though! Flyby has compiled a few different ways in which you can have fun, even in these cooler climes.

Fall in the Yard

Plan a Halloween Costume
It’s never too early, but it's quickly becoming too late. If you still haven't figured out Halloween, check out these posts for some inspiration.

Have an Existential Crisis

You know your parents are both having one, so why not have one yourself? Get a head start.

Go Apple Picking!
There are plenty of options around Boston, and it’s definitely more fun than pretending to study for those midterms you’re gonna wing anyway. If you’re too lazy to hop on public transportation, a lesser substitute is just grabbing an apple from your dining hall and eating it. If you know you won’t eat the apple because your room is stocked with other, more desirable food options (like sour patches), then just drink a cup of apple juice in the next month. That probably counts.

Roll Around in Some Leaves
We know what you’re thinking, and the real question you should be asking is “why not?”

Raid Somebody’s Vegetable Garden
It’s harvesting season, and it’s definitely starting to get colder. If you’re walking around Cambridge, and someone still hasn’t picked those tomatoes and pulled out those carrots, then they’re clearly an awful gardener and you should do it for them. “But what about the poor old ladies who uses those vegetables to eat every day?” you might ask. Seriously, stop pretending you don’t know that they’re hiding three packs of Chips Ahoy and a bottle of gin in the drawer that’s supposed to have their mother’s ashes. Those old ladies are more savage than you know. Cut off those eggplants with no guilt.

Start Playing Christmas Music
Be that person who starts blasting Mariah Carey in the common room before Halloween. Sure, everyone else will beg for the sweet release of death, but who cares? At least they’re not listening to Rakesh rap Hamilton.