A shot of Rubinoff is already spine-chilling and hair-raising. But, with Halloween party pregames beginning tonight, we all have the opportunity to get trashed in a thematically appropriate fashion. Get together your friends and try out this Flyby-approved drinking game for Halloweekend at Harvard!

Take a shot if you see a Joker grinding on a Harley Quinn.

Take a shot when the DJ starts up Thriller by MJ. If you’re ballsy, take one every time the king of pop screams out “thriller.” Trust us, by the end of your blacked-out night you’ll definitely “wonder if you’ll ever see the sun.”

Down a glass every time you see a group of girls wearing angel outfits. They will usually be seen in the center of the room, refusing to dance with anyone else but themselves, and radiating more second-hand embarrassment than divine light.

Conversely, take a shot every time you see a group of lads wearing their sports gear. Take another one if they aren’t even on the team they represent but still don the jerseys, in a show of how little they care about silly “dress-up.”

Give your drink to someone if you see they’re not wearing a costume. Better yet, just pour it on the offender: they’re killing the mood.

Finally, take a double-shot at the end of your night with all your mates, and just revel in the truly terrifying ambience curated by sweaty Chewbaccas, tomato juice mixers, and shitty strobe lights.