As the end of the semester looms, many of us are starting to seriously consider what we want to do next semester. If being involved in too many extracurriculars made your life this semester a living hell, worry not! With these viable excuses, you can make some room in your schedule so that you can finally have more time for filling your evenings with Netflix, not strategy meetings.

The excuse to use decide to be blatantly obvious about the fatal flaw shared by most Harvard freshmen.

“It’s not you, it’s me...and my prior inability to restrain my inherent need to be an overachiever by getting involved in every club ever.”

The excuse to use thought that you could revamp your wardrobe at no extra cost.

“Sorry, I thought that there would be free swag, but it’s been a semester, and my wardrobe is still as lame as ever.”

The excuse to use when…you originally had time for this club, but you got into a better club.

“While I genuinely would love to stay involved in [insert name of club], I am afraid that I have overextended myself this past semester, and rather than give this club anything but my utmost best, I have decided to comp [insert name of club] at another time.”

The excuse to use when...the free snacks stopped flowing.

“I’m very sorry, but once the Doritos and apple cider disappeared, so did my desire to come to these club meetings. I hope that you understand.”

The excuse to use when…the line between academics and extracurriculars blurs (from tears).

“I really did finish the poster, but my tears from my pset ended up soaking the poster. Can I join this club again when I am in less emotional turmoil?”

With these excuses in your arsenal, you’ll have no problem making your schedule more least until comping for spring semester rolls around.