Part I of a series.

Reading period may be in its dying moments, but the studying doesn't end there. If you have exams that run all the way to the end of the semester, Flyby's compiled some off-the-beaten-path study spots where you can hunker down to concentrate. Check back over the next few days for new installations to the series.

First up: the basement of Wigglesworth

When it comes to late night studying on the weekends, freshmen are hopelessly limited on options. If you’re sick of your dorm or just need a space for collaborative work past 10 p.m., Wigg Basement is always available. It's open 24/7.

Wigg Basement Study Spot
Wigg Basement may not be the most beautiful space, but it has its charms.
Sociability: Wigg Basement is a social environment where people are free to talk and work with others. For quieter work, there are usually isolated tables or quieter rooms within the network of basement hallways. As a dorm basement goes, Wigg’s can get very social, which offers both a refreshing break and potential distractions. This study space is suited for those with collaborative work and the ability to work in white noise.

Crowds: Because this study spot is technically a common basement in a dorm, Wigg students get first priority in any space, and it may be difficult to find a quiet spot in a typically social environment. Noise level typically decreases the later the night gets, but just in case, be ready to block out the noise of passionate ping pong matches while studying. Nevertheless, people will probably raid the libraries, leaving this basement a potential gem for discreet study spots.

Ambiance: Ambiance is not the highest priority in a basement, to say the least. Although Wigg provides one of the only late night, publically accessible study spaces for freshmen, a basement was not designed to be a library, so expect stuffy rooms and warmer temperatures. With fluorescent lighting, bleak walls, and wooden, ancient tables, Wigg's basement has a subtly despondent atmosphere that can either raise stress levels or be just the vibe one needs to be focused.

Bonus: Objectively, a basement is a last resort for a study space. Wiggs basement’s greatest—and perhaps only—appeal is that it is the nearest public space open for freshmen. Basements may be bare and hot, but if it’s 3 a.m. during cuffing season and midterms are tomorrow, no one can really afford to complain.