Dude, That’s Rude: PDA

Keep your lap-sitting OUT of the d-hall.
Keep your lap-sitting OUT of the d-hall.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…and by “around the corner,” we mean tomorrow! Don’t panic, you still have a few hours to snag a special someone. But if you’re forever alone like most of us, you know how annoying the lovey-dovey couples can get. If you’re in love, good for you, but you need to know when PDA goes too far:

Keep your lap-sitting OUT of the d-hall.
Keep your lap-sitting OUT of the d-hall. By Wikimedia Commons

Snuggling in the lecture hall
Just because Sanders Theater has “theater” in the title does not mean that you can treat it like a movie date. So please, remove your arms from around each other, take your head off your beloved’s shoulder, and for the love of Mankiw, quit the back stroking. Especially if you’re sitting near the front. Some of us are here to learn.

Dining hall dates
If you and your significant other don’t want to spend money on food for date night, we support you. But please treat the dining hall like the safe space that it is. That means no lap sitting, no Lady-and-the-Tramp-style spaghetti slurping, no whipped cream play. It’ll make the single ones among us too grossed out to stomach our lonely food.

Hallway make-outs
Maybe you’re into the drama and spontaneity of the pushed-up-against-the-wall thing, but the dorm hallway (and stairwell? You’d be surprised how many times we’ve seen it…) is not the place. You have a room in the building. So when we tell you to “get a room,” there really is no excuse.

Under the seminar table
We see you. We know you thought it was sly when you two were holding hands (and thighs?) under the seminar table. But we all saw. And it was distracting, and plain disrespectful to your single classmates who have a date with their seminar reading tonight.

So Happy Valentine’s Day! Spread the love and avoid these blatant moments of PDA. Otherwise, be prepared for your lonely friends to say: dude, that’s rude.

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