What to Binge-Watch this Spring Break

Who needs a tropical vacation when there's Netflix?
Who needs a tropical vacation when there's Netflix?

The sun is (somewhat) out, there are more tourists about, and students are crawling out of their library nooks—spring break is starting. Whether you’re jetting off to a sandy beach, going back home (hello properly sized bed!), or staying in good ol’ Boston to network, you can finally indulge in some TV binging without feeling guilty about your three unfinished papers. Now’s your chance to check out some more underrated shows, instead of clinging to your old favorites. Here are some hidden TV gems that are as under-appreciated as the Quad and almost as entertaining as reading Chaucer out loud

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Search Party
This dark comedy about a hipster Nancy Drew has a cast of Harvard-type characters. From that Spee “savior” who is always bragging about his volunteering trip to Cambodia, to awkward self-promoters trying to network, the 10 episode noir sitcom will have you laughing, crying, and relating to a bunch of college grads trying to be adults.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
If midterms and rejection from the Crimson Key Society’s comp are bringing you down, you could use some of Kimmy Schmidt’s ever-sunny attitude. Seriously, this Netflix original has more happy spunk than Dean Khurana during Visitas. The two cheerful seasons that are out right now will give you some perspective: although you’ll have FOMO from your linking group’s trip to the Bahamas, at least you haven’t been locked in a bunker for 4 years like Kimmy (oh wait, if Lamont basement counts, you totally have been).

This Brazilian dystopian drama has all the elements of a perfect binge. Hot people? Check. Creepy sci fi technology? Check. Enough (but not too many) episodes to satisfy your TV cravings? Check. How can you resist?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
If our senior spring article inspired you to tone down your tendency to overachieve, you will relate to “the crazy ex” Rebecca Bunch, an Ivy-League lawyer who trades her prestigious job for a chance at happiness in California. This funny but complex show has 2 seasons available on Netflix so you can put that VPN to rest.

Young Pope
Like Tommy D, the young pope is too cool for his job. He is sizzling hot, broody and charming. He is so hip he even became a meme. If you don’t take this self-aggrandizing HBO drama too seriously, you’re in for a good time.

The Santa Clarita Diet
Although we often joke that consulting recruits turn into zombies, Drew Barrymore proves that being a zombie is oh-so fun in this new Netflix flick. This show is perfect if you looking for a light-hearted but surprisingly heart-warming family comedy with a twist. However, beware: the show features more puke than freshman dorms on Housing Day eve.

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