Young Justin Trudeau Was Also a Hottie

Justin Trudeau was pretty good looking when he was young.
Justin Trudeau was pretty good looking when he was young.

You may have read our post a few years back about Joe Biden's...attractiveness when he was young. We might have found someone even more attractive.

It’s true: Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau—while he is certainly a very accomplished politician—is also quite accomplished in the looks department.

Unlike many of us who had that awkward puberty stage and had to wait to “glow up,” It appears he has just always been this hot. So take a stare or two at his life as a hottie for your mid-afternoon study break:

By Courtesy of Twitter

He could have been your favorite FOP leader.

Or a lowkey member of the Advocate #hipster.

Or one of the only hot lifeguards at the MAC.

Or a member of the AD. We see you rocking that long-sleeved shirt and vest look.

Justin Trudeau, please let us know if you’ll be in the Boston area (aka visiting Harvard) anytime soon whether it be at an IOP event or just to hang out with President Faust. We Harvard students could certainly use the presence of an attractive, humble, and accomplished man.

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