The only thing more iconic than completing River Run is completing River Run without yacking. Here’s where to get munchies your throughout Housing Day Eve:

Dunster Grille

Early Birds:

Beat the stomach worm. Consuming some heavier foods in advance might help you avoid chatting with (Housing) God on the big white telephone later on. If you’re trying to run responsibly, preemptively line your stomach with vodka-absorbing pizza dough or tortillas. Otto’s and Felipe’s, with their plentiful portions, are open until 12 a.m. Or if you linger at a pregame, Noch’s and Border Cafe have got you covered until 1 a.m. Border bonus: your waiter will refill your liter-tall water cup at least three times, so you’ll be uber-hydrated and ready to down those diuretics!

A few shots or paces in, and you might be feeling winded, hungry, or not-even-hungry-but-I’m-gonna-eat-cause-I’m-drunk. If you make it this far, take a pit stop at the Dunster Grille for a shake and some cheesy fries before 1 a.m. Whisper grace to the Dunster deities before slurping down your pick-me-up for good, greasy juju.

You also may find that while your upperclassmen friends kindly snuck you into their abodes and provided you with a round, they don’t have enough flat Sprite to temper the Burnette’s burn. Have some pity on your taste buds and purchase some chasers at the 24-hour CVS.

Night Owls:
For you marathoners not yet checked into UHS, having a chat with HUPD, or slumped in bed by an unconscionable hour, luckily Harvard Square has a diverse array of late-late-night joints to cater to your inebriated, shameless, crazy college kid whims. If somehow your buzz has worn off, The Kong, open until 2 a.m. beckons with its scorpion bowls and mounds of white rice to soak up whatever the hell is in the scorpion bowls. If you’re in the mood to be disoriented by bright white tile and fluorescent lighting and listen to a series of numbers be shouted out until it’s your Price Is Right moment, head to tried-and-true Tasty, open until 2 a.m. Oft overlooked is Falafel Corner, open until 3 a.m., where you likely won’t have to wait in line and can savor some street meat. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, stop by Insomnia before 3 a.m. on your way back from Lowell and on the way to Adams, order a dozen cookies, and divide among your blocking group. When your night is finally over, like a reliable booty-call, Señor Jefe’s will be there until 4 a.m. Or, if you’re pulling an all nighter, rally at 24-hour Market with some overpriced coffee and a breakfast sandwich.

Cheers and Bon Appetit!