So we finally know who the Yardfest artist is, after a pretty agonizing wait. We’ve all heard complaints about the announcement. You say you’ve never heard of him? Think again—we’ve compiled a list of Tiësto’s most famous songs, and we can guarantee that you’ve heard some of them. And if you haven’t, it’s time to get listening so that you can gear up for one of the best days of the semester.


Let’s face it, we like almost everything better when we’re wasted (including Yardfest). You’ve heard this jam too many times on the radio, it was played long past its used-by date, and it’s about to make a comeback. Expect a lot of excitement when Tiësto gets to this track.

Red Lights

This is the song that you’ve heard at plenty of parties but you probably never knew what it was called or who it was by. Well, this is a Tiësto signature, so now you can’t forget it. On a serious note, we hope that Tiësto drives safely on the way to Harvard and does not, in fact, run those red lights.

All of Me (Remix)

We know that you know Tiësto’s remix of the John Legend classic. It’s just the right mixture of emotional ballad and upbeat dance music. It’ll get stuck in your head all day, so don’t be surprised if your foot starts tapping during lecture.

The Only Way Is Up

Maybe the rumors about Martin Garrix for Yardfest were onto something, since this song marks the creative union of Tiësto and Garrix. It is a classic EDM number, with words that cannot be fully made out and some quality beat drops.


Tiësto put together this track in collaboration with KSHMR and Vassy (Will they make surprise appearances at Yardfest? We sense a new rumor in the making here.) We know that Tiësto knows a little something about keeping secrets, though, from how long we had to wait to find out that he’d be the artist.

If you aren’t listening to these songs on repeat between now and Yardfest, you should really reassess your priorities. Tiësto definitely has some gems and we’re excited to hear them in our own backYard.