Right now, Harvard Square is filling up with students again, from fresh-faced newbies to seniors ready for one last fall semester. While you move in and get to know your new neighbors, drop the needle on Flyby’s upbeat back to campus playlist, with these tracks and a bunch more:

Cut to the Feeling // Carly Rae Jepsen

Can anyone capture the bubbly excitement of new beginnings like Carly Rae? We think not. The artist’s latest release is about young love, and will 100% have you singing in the shower and “dancing on the roof.”

Wannabe // Spice Girls

No back to school playlist is complete without a shout-out to the friends that have carried you this far. And maybe the Spice Girls’ evergreen jam can help you celebrate some new relationships too.

Super Rich Kids // Frank Ocean

This Frank Ocean track is so laid-back that you almost forget what it’s about…and then you pay attention, and the lifestyles of the rich and famous start to freak you out. Kind of like Harvard, except way more relaxing!

All Star // Smashmouth

Before we fall headfirst into the chaos of the semester, step back and take a moment to gather up all that crumbling self-confidence. Smashmouth will have you feeling like all that glitters really is gold.

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