Activities Fair

While Harvard students are often conservative with their extracurricular choices, sticking to the usual debate and finance, there are a bunch of lesser-known, quirky clubs that could seriously enrich your campus experience. We rounded up the most interesting obscure campus organizations, appealing to everyone from self-proclaimed wine moms to beekeeping wannabees (too bad there is no Harvard Pun Society).

Harvard College Magicians Society

Salty that Hogwarts doesn't accept the ACT? Want to woo a potential bae à la Gob Bluth from Arrested Development? Skillful with your hands? The Magicians Society at Harvard is open to anyone interested in illusions, from absolute beginners to aurors. Just stay out of Salem, Mass. will you?


Harvard College Wine Society

Claiming that the mission of the club is to “re-establish the European tradition of respecting and revering wine,” this extremely bougie-sounding club organizes several wine tastings and “wine and cheese pairing events” throughout the semester in order to “cultivate an appreciation and understanding of wine.” The real purpose of the club is obvious to us though—who wouldn’t use Harvard’s funding to get hammered?


Harvard Undergraduate Beekeepers

Do not confuse this wholesome organization with a certain social clique that has recently merged with the Delphic.


Harvard College Association for the Promotion of Interplanetary Expansion

Members of this organization are basically done with this planet (who would blame them tho?) and are actively trying to relocate to a Solar System without the threat of an impending nuclear holocaust or seeing Yalies naked again. So, if you’re ready to move on from our sad little Earth, join the company of these advocates for “human settlements on other planets.”


Lowell House Society of Russian Bell Ringers at Harvard College

Do you like being cursed by Lowell residents? Do you have an acute interest in needing hearing aids by graduation? Then this winner of the “most obscure club title ever” is here to satisfy all of your bell-ringing needs.


Harvard College Cube Club

“For anyone interested in the art of Cubing.” What is Cubing? Does it even matter if it sounds this cool?


Good luck on finding your ~dream~ club, and remember that if every other conventional organization rejects you this semester, you have these to fall back onto.