How to Cope with the Ever-Changing Fall Weather

It's hard to tell when it will be appropriate fall hammock weather.byline=true
It's hard to tell when it will be appropriate fall hammock weather.byline=true By Justin F. Gonzalez

Nothing could be more unpredictable than the food at Annenberg, right? Enter Boston weather. We’re asking ourselves if this is a Katy Perry song, because we’re hot and then cold. The struggle of facing this meteorological mashup is real, but we’ve got some tips and tricks to pull you through.

Fake it til you make it

As Harvard students, we all already have a case of duck syndrome, and with “fakin’ it” at the top of our resumes, the weather is no exception. Leave the dorm without a jacket? Looks like we’re power-walking to Northwest Labs. Forget an umbrella on the only good hair day you’ve had this semester? Use the less-than-quality notes you just took in your 9 a.m. as a makeshift shield — you’re not gonna read them anyways.

You name it, we’ve waterproofed it

Sexiled by your roommate and forced to sleep in the flooded yard? Hop onto good ol’ Amazon and invest in some last-minute waterproof essentials, including pillows, mattress protectors, and, of course, fairy lights. Or, if you’re feeling extra creative, check out Japan’s “umbrellas for shoes.” They may not be for sale, but hey, the world’s weirdest inventions make for a great procrastination session.

Midterm Feels

They say pets begin to look like their owners, but can the weather begin to look like our feelings? With midterm season upon us and a blizzard looming in the future, let out your feelings with a few fellow frustrated friends. Better yet, check out the Best Places to Be Sad on Campus. It doesn’t matter why you’re stressed, Flyby’s got you covered — like the umbrella you forgot.

Frustration with the ever-changing fall weather is understandable, but then again, we hear the Boston winter may be slightly more frustrating. Better kiss and make up with this fall weather before it’s too late!

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