Thanksgiving Pie
As Thanksgiving approaches, you may begin feeling tempted to list out things that you’re grateful for. Some years, making this list is easy; other times, it’s really hard, which makes you feel pretty awful if you know you’re living an enormously privileged life. Whatever the case is this year, Flyby’s here to get you started on your List of Things You’re Thankful For.


Sleeping is one of those rare activities that is both incredibly healthy and incredibly enjoyable. If you slept in today, that’s clearly a luxury to be thankful for. And if you didn’t get the chance to sleep in, you can consider yourself grateful to have found the motivation to get up — and try to get some sleep tomorrow.


Fans of wintry weather can feel fortunate that a lot of it is coming their way. If you personally could do without the freezing temperatures, you can smile (although perhaps a bit weakly) about how, by tonight, you’ll be one day closer to when it gets warm again.

Christmas Music

Similar concept here — if you love it, enjoy! And if you somehow don’t, the end of Christmas music season is getting closer with every passing minute. We get it, even our ability to listen to Mariah Carey is not endless.

A Break

A large swath of time with no classes is coming soon, which is something everybody should feel thankful for. If, for some reason, you love classes so much you aren’t grateful for break, you can take that negativity somewhere else. You’re probably a positive enough person that you don’t need gratitude help from this list, anyway.

And there you have it, the start of your Thankful List. Flyby sends our best wishes for coming up with the rest of it. Happy start of the holiday season!