Bacow Action Man
All of the above?

It’s official. Lawrence S. Bacow will be the 29th President of Harvard. Whether his selection is good or bad, we really have no clue how to pronounce his last name, which seems to be as mysterious as the lone Cheeto you find in your bed every night even though you never eat them. Luckily, Flyby has compiled a few different ways we think it could be pronounced.


The man’s 66 years old. He probably has a bit of back pain. Maybe he groans about it by pronouncing his name this way.


Mooooooooooooo. Be careful when you’re walking around Harvard Yard late at night. You might tip the poor guy over.

Bow Chicka Wow Wow

I mean, hey, whatever floats your boat.

Drew Gilpin Faust

President of a university during the financial crisis, centralizing administration, fundraising a ton—the guy is basically Drew plus testosterone. He might as well recognize it.


I’m hungry. Larry’s last name looks like it. Kevin Bacon is hot. Larry’s last name looks like his. Give me Bacow bacon, regular bacon, and Kevin Bacon, and you might as well kill me now because my life is complete.

No matter how you choose to pronounce Bacow’s name, it’s never going to be as hard to pronounce as “Donald Trump is the President of the United States.”