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Please explain to us why this is even a section time.

It’s the second week of school. Your math TF has failed you. Again. You’re out of scheduling conflicts to give the course head and just about ready to self-study the class. Don’t give up just yet, these excuses will have you in a new section faster than you can run out of class.

Volunteering Conflict

Sure, they might be able to see what classes you’re enrolled in, but how could your TF possibly know about all the good work you do? Tell them that you have to volunteer somewhere in Boston at 9 a.m. on Tuesdays, so there’s just no possible way you could make their session. If they push back, just let them know how terrible of a person they are for trying to stop your service, and soon enough you’ll find yourself with the hot TF from the other section.

Get a Part-Time Job

If you aren’t working part-time yet, now’s the time to start. If you do get to choose what hours you work, your TF doesn't need to know. Besides, it's not a lie that at 9 p.m. on Fridays, you're the most productive drink-maker. (Even if the drinks aren't Lamcaf cappuccinos.)

Walk onto the Squash Team

Both squash teams seem to be killing the game, so now might be the time to pursue your childhood dream of being a part of the number one college squash team in the nation. Of course, this is about dedication, and the fact that practice happens to conflict with your section is just an unfortunate coincidence.

Flash Daddy’s Credit Card

Honestly, if this applies to you we’re not sure why you can’t just skip section altogether. It's not like your Daddy will care about your GPA when he hires you in a couple years. But hey, if you’re really looking for that transformative experience, batting your eyelash extensions and sweetening the deal with a few J.P. Licks gift cards could win the course head.

Curse your TF

If you're really in a jam...take a weekend day-trip to Salem and purchase some witchcraft tools. Voodoo dolls, ancient scrolls, hexes; something’s gotta work eventually. Then, if your TF happens to become incapacitated for the rest of the semester, you’ll have no choice but to be placed a new section.