happy group
Squeeze yourself into the frame.

Blocking applications are just around the corner, which means unless you’re one of the lucky ones who has managed to secure a spot already, you’re probably making a mental list of people who might be desperate/charitable enough to admit you into their blocking group. Read on to find out just how easy it is to gloat (about your new blocking group) instead of float (in your team of one).

Make up some rumor about how n+1 is the best configuration for a river house.

Nothing strikes fear in a freshman’s heart quite like being quadded, so if your sorta-kinda friend Amanda tells you that her blocking group has five people, tell her that you’ve heard six people groups are less likely to be quadded. Then volunteer yourself as tribute. You’ll be a hero and the newly inducted member into a blocking group...that is, unless you all ultimately end up quadded, in which case, good luck explaining that.

Hand out resumés detailing why you would be the perfect blockmate.

Perfecting extensive resumés is what Harvard students do best, so why not create a list of reasons that no potential blocking group can turn down? Alternatively, casually slip your blockmate perks and assets into conversation whenever possible. E.g. “I bake all the time! I especially can’t wait to bake for my future blockmates!”

Keep your ears open for any potential blocking group drama.

Ever hear that saying, “Where there’s a will there’s a way?” I prefer the saying, “Where there’s an opening, there’s your way [into that blocking group].” If poor Will finds himself kicked out of a blocking group, well, sorry Will, but there’s your way to procure yourself a solid group of blockmates (as long as they don’t boot you too).

Warning: While some of these tips will get you blocked, they may also get you blocked (on social media).